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Supersprint headers, unassembled
Schrick Cams- repeat x4
Dailey Dry Sump installed on V10
Factory Oil pump- removed along with the pan
photo 2.JPG
Dailey 6 stage oil pump shown
Another of the pump
Supersprint headers on one bank
S85 Block stripped of ancilliaries
Front of S85
Factory cams exposed
Straight cut cam gears
Crankshaft lock pin tool
Cams and cam gears
S85 Special tools
S85 Cam holding special tools
vanos line
Cam gear clamp
Nick begins disassembly of the supercharged S50
Splash guards and radiator from S50 removed
AP Racing floor mounted pedal assembly. Pull type
AP Pedals
TPS mount
AP Pedal box mounted in position on the floor.
Rear end parts
Brown and Miller fittings for oil system
machined end plate for oil cooler mounting
Oil cooler mounted in position
Front shot of the cooling package
3.2 Euro rear differential and subframe
M3 decklid prepared for paint.
Pectel Sq6M12 Engine control unit (ECU)
Masked prior to going into the booth
E36 interior shine
Chassis back from the bodyshop
Gold foil application
Closeup Nick
interior shot
Dry sump reservoir
False floor, AP pedal box
Power Steering Reservoir
Bulkhead mock-up
reassembly process
Pectel SQ6M-12 ECU and harness with Deutsch Autosport connectors
Autosport connectors detail
Harness and ECU
Full harness layout
Interior work with Nick
Deutsch Autosport Bulkhead connectors
Engine harness
DBW motors underneath the plastic loom protector
Engine harness
Supersprint headers custom fit
steering column
Gauge panel
fire bottle

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